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‘Rigging for FX’ DVD by Joe Gunn out tomorrow

That should be interesting! You can find about the DVD on Joe Gunn’s site here:

Restructuring is complete!

The stone is up on the hill, and now you can use this site as it should work, I suppose.

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Gun and sparks tools for Thinking Particles

A couple of tools that allow for creation of bullets/lasers and sparks. Sparks are generated on impact with geometry. The blackbox can easily be modified to shoot sparks triggered by something else – feel free to use and customize it. The controls are elaborate without being too crowded, you can really craft sparks with that tool. Read more

Creeping cracks effect tutorial

Now, we’re gonna do the creeping cracks effect! It’s something commonly done, and cool! The tutorial is gonna be comprehensive, so buckle up 🙂 Read more

Rayfire fragmentation and dynamics for production pt 3: Smartfrag

Shows you how to use the fragmentation tools to go beyond the basic and get some more realistic results. Read more

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