Feature film effects work:

On film pitches at Screen Scene, Dublin. Did a city destruction effects shot – collapsing city towers,dust and debris with FumeFX and TP. Also did a Dakar rally style shot with car wheels/sand interaction.

On ‘Red Tails’ at Pixomondo Berlin. Mainly worked on the train crash sequence,
leading the rigid/softbodies effects. Also did a few complete, smaller shots, mainly FumeFX
smoke, steam and explosions.

On ‘Hindenburg’ at Pixomondo Berlin. Destruction simulation for the crashing airship,
focused on recreating iconic documentary footage. Fire, smoke and debris, cloth
embers secondaries. 3DS Max, Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Krakatoa.

On ‘Sucker Punch’ at Pixomondo Berlin. Destruction simulation for the large scale
steel structure of a collapsing airship, and tearing cloth simulation, bound to the steel
structure. Also some secondary shots including a rocket style launch, various fire,
smoke and debris. 3DS Max, Thinking Particles, FumeFX.

On ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ at Pixomondo Berlin. Fragmentation and rigid body
dynamics. 3DS Max, Rayfire, Thinking Particles.

On ‘2012’ at Pixomondo Berlin. Live/cg interactions like ice breaking, debris, sparks,
snowflake swirls, atmospheric snowclouds; integration of CG into matte painting using
volumetrics. 3DS Max, Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Krakatoa, Afterburn.


Educational work:

Visual Effects with Max course for FXPhD
Two Thinking Particles training DVDs for Eat3D
Gave masterclasses on FX workflow at the End User Event in Utrecht, 2010 and 2011


Skill summary:

Fluid dynamics – fire, smoke, liquids: FumeFX, Naiad
Rigid body, fragmentation dynamics: Thinking Particles dynamics, Rayfire/PhysX
Particle effects: Thinking Particles, Particle Flow
Volumetric effects – Afterburn/Pyrocluster, FumeFX/ScatterVL, Krakatoa
Shading, lighting, rendering – Realistic shading with raytracers
Compositing and post-production – Fusion, Nuke