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Demo reel, Oct 2011

New demo reel posted in the Reel section!

Many thanks to all the dedicated people in Pixomondo and Screen Scene who made this possible. Hats off to you, boys and girls!

Demo reel, July 2010

Finally, a newer reel! I wasn’t able to use my most current work – that’s how it usually works with movies – but still, I arranged some more actual material. My shots from ‘2012’, the first TP DVD shield effect and a couple older personal projects.


And you can get the high quality one (92 Mb MPEG4 .AVI) here:

A playlist of some recent animation

Due to the temporary lack of an actualized reel, I’ve assembled a playlist of relatively recent animation.

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FX Reel – Sept. 2008

My FX demo reel as of Sept 2008.

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