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3D Gathering 3

Another 3D workshop this Sunday!

Glass break-in

Turns out radial glass break-in is quite easy to do with Rayfire and some additional steps. Might make a tutorial some day.


Daily sculpt – marble demon

I got hooked on this digital sculpting thing in mudbox, so I’ll be uploading some stuff from time to time, hopefully daily. This one is a marble demon!

Dark UI color scheme for Thinking Particles

Noticing that there is no such thing out there already, I made a dark UI scheme for Thinking Particles – much easier on the eyes and fits a dark Max theme too. Read more

Creeping cracks effect

I started making the chimney demolition scene for the blur challenge, and I developed a creeping cracks effect, which I’ve wanted to do for some time. I used Rayfire and Thinking particles, which gave me the possibility to make it quite flexible. I paint the main crack with Rayfire’s draw fragment, then create a spline over it, and drive particles along it. I create the secondary fractures with Rayfire too, then use TP’s object as particles to make the closest ones to the central crack recess most, and the farthest to recess least. I create the crumbling pieces with size based on distance to the central crack too, which is cool 🙂 Enjoy!


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