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DVD released – ‘Comprehensive introduction to Thinking Particles part 2 – Intermediate’

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting for so long, but here it is! From eat3d: ‘In this DVD Hristo Velev takes up from Part 1 in this series, to go deeper into the intermediate concepts of Thinking Particles. Everything from Raycasting, Referencing, Motion Inheritance, Generation, Driving Scene Objects, Shape Collision, Fragmentation, Caching, Joints, PhysX Dynamics, Deformation, Displacement, Map-Based Interaction, Particle Interaction, Custom Data Streams, FumeFX Interaction, and more are fully explored in this DVD.

This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn more about Thinking Particles and why many studios are using it in production today.’

You can get it from Eat3D, from $49.95



A rendering of the project at the end:

Any questions you have – ready to answer here, in the CGTalk thread or anywhere else I appear 🙂

Thanks guys, and special thanks to Geri for keeping up with me all the evenings and weekends 🙂

3rd DVD announcement, detailed plan for DVD 2

Big news – it’s now clear that just one or two DVDs will not be enough for everything I want to show you, so there’s now gonna be three DVDs full of TP glory!

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Thinking Particles 4, and my 1st of 2 ‘Comprehensive introduction’ DVDs released

And at tthe end, it happened! In the same day as my EUE talk about destruction with TP4, it got released and my DVD with it – how’s that about timing! The announcement from Cebas is here:

And the Eat3D one is here:

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Comprehensive introduction to Thinking Particles DVD, teaser 10

Railguns! 🙂

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Comprehensive introduction to Thinking Particles DVD, teaser 09

Teaser time again!

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