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Thinking particles tutorial – using probabilities

In this one I’m doing a handful of quick setups that use probabilities to introduce some variation in the way conditions are applied to big particle groups.

Scene files – here. They are Max2013 and TP5 – I know that’s not a very popular setup yet, but they are quite simple scenes anyway 🙂

Naiad/Max scene files

Some of you asked for these, so – you can get the package here:

And, if you need to register at Dropbox, use this link – both of us get more space:

Max203 – Earthquakey breaking ground course on FXPhD announced!

The April term on FXPhD got announced today- check out the details here:​apr12-owe

My part in this will be MAX203 – 3DS Max Destruction Techniques: a breaking-ground shot, earthquake type – something you’d find in an apocalyptic scenario movie! More info after the break.

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New Naiad videos – point and surface attractors, velocity limiting, custom field channels

New Naiad vids for ya’all 🙂 Point attractor, surface attractor, velocity limiting with some cool NEL and custom field channel 🙂

Naiad/Max 07: Creating a point attractor in Naiad – vector based force

Naiad/Max 08: Surface attractor

Naiad/Max 09: Velocity limiting – some NEL and custom field channels

Check it all out here:

Naiad/Max 06: Getting normals from meshes in Naiad, and a little NEL

Here we extract the normal channel from the mesh, emit velocity on the normals, and use a bit of NEL (Naiad expression language) to make it emit only upwards.

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