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New Naiad videos – point and surface attractors, velocity limiting, custom field channels

New Naiad vids for ya’all 🙂 Point attractor, surface attractor, velocity limiting with some cool NEL and custom field channel 🙂

Naiad/Max 07: Creating a point attractor in Naiad – vector based force

Naiad/Max 08: Surface attractor

Naiad/Max 09: Velocity limiting – some NEL and custom field channels

Check it all out here:

Naiad/Max 06: Getting normals from meshes in Naiad, and a little NEL

Here we extract the normal channel from the mesh, emit velocity on the normals, and use a bit of NEL (Naiad expression language) to make it emit only upwards.

Naiad/Max workflow and techniques video series

I’ve started a series of videos covering the workflow between Naiad and Max! It’s gonna deal with sending material from Max to Naiad, setting up sims there and sending partcles back to Max, for meshing and shading with Krakatoa, Frost and VRay. Five videos there already, check out and comment!

Again, link to the whole playlist – here.

It’s quite a freestyle thing – I’m also getting into Naiad now, so I’m gonna be making these as I go – will be fun!

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