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My Krakatoa 2 review is published in

You can head over to to read my review of Krakatoa 2!

Naiad/Max scene files

Some of you asked for these, so – you can get the package here:

And, if you need to register at Dropbox, use this link – both of us get more space:

Max203 – Earthquakey breaking ground course on FXPhD announced!

The April term on FXPhD got announced today- check out the details here:‚Äčapr12-owe

My part in this will be MAX203 – 3DS Max Destruction Techniques: a breaking-ground shot, earthquake type – something you’d find in an apocalyptic scenario movie! More info after the break.

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Interviewed at

I was recently interviewed for cgphd, and you can read it here. Good luck to that site and all the CG communities all over the world!

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