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Thinking Particles live blackbox collection

I thought it would be way cool to share my cloud stored TP blackbox collection. You can get it here:

I started doing that recently – changing computers, I was losing a lot of the blackboxes I had made, so it’s a good thing to keep them in the cloud, and much easier to share them with you guys! My philosophy in using blackboxes is to use simple and small ones, as building blocks. So you won’t find undecipherable monsters there, it’s all small, clean and simple, I hope – and very useful.

It’s not cleaned up and organized, and it will probably be in constant flux – it is a live collection, not a carefully curated archive. Make the best of it 🙂

Electric arc TP setup

I had the itch to do a point to point electric arc setup for some time, so I woke up extra early this morning and I banged it up!

The result is pretty much what you see in the picture. It shoots an electric arc from point A to point B, with the distortion effect being strongest in the middle, and it does it in one timesample.

You can get the Max 2010, TP4 scene file here, and I will do a video tutorial explaining how it works soon. Cheers!

Gun and sparks tools for Thinking Particles

A couple of tools that allow for creation of bullets/lasers and sparks. Sparks are generated on impact with geometry. The blackbox can easily be modified to shoot sparks triggered by something else – feel free to use and customize it. The controls are elaborate without being too crowded, you can really craft sparks with that tool. Read more

Dark UI scheme for Thinking Particles again, but now it works

I spotted some time ago that my post about creating a dark UI theme for TP had the wrong instructions, hence it won’t work.

Read more

Bangsculpt – explosion/splash/bang sculpting Thinking Particles tool

And now, to a cool development – I’ve finished Bangsculpt, my tool for sculpting of explosions/bangs/splashes with two curves (angle and radial distribution )and a few other parameters. It’s very cool, check it out!

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