Nowadays technologies allow using a phone directory without any physical smartphone. This technology is very popular among SEO specialists, market researchers, business owners and even ordinary people. 

Everybody who does not want to use a real directory but needs to receive authentication messages can take benefit from a virtual sms receiver. There are multiple reasons why people do not want to show their real numbs up. 

However, if you are in need of getting authentication messages for work, you obviously need an accommodation that will relieve you from a physical SIM-card. Anyone will go crazy if he or she will be buying and switching SIMs in the smartphone each time when it is necessary to pass the authentication. 

Besides, lots of services offer virtual nubs for rent. This is very helpful if you, for example, forgot your password or got blocked and need to verify your phone numb again. 

SMS Without Devices

  1. The first thing is you need to have access to the Internet. You will not need much traffic, but it will be better if the connection is stable. 
  2. Choose a reliable virtual SMS accommodation. Do not forget to check the reviews about the best virtual numb accommodations. While checking the reviews, always pay attention to the reliability and safety levels of the company. Safety online is crucial. You don’t want your accounts to be stolen. Also, the response time matters. This means that the authentication messages must come in quickly. The prices differ between the companies, so it is better to check which one offers most suitable conditions for you. And one more thing, always take interest in the quantity of virtual directories the accommodation has and the quantity of countries it can work with. 
  3. You have to be registered on the service you have chosen. Usually the process is simple and quick. Pay attention to what data you give while registering.
  4. It is necessary to replenish your balance in order to use the accommodation. If your company is a trustworthy one, there should not be any issues. However, it is better to check the refund options in case any technical issues occur. Many services offer free trials. You may want to use them before paying money. 
  5. Next you need to choose the country and the app you are going to use the virtual directory for. Lots of accommodations allow even choosing the numbs for SMS. Receive number online and type or copy it in the corresponding field on the platform you want to use and press the authentication code button. 
  6. The message should come in promptly. Type or copy it in the authentication field and confirm.