Thinking particles tutorial – using probabilities

In this one I’m doing a handful of quick setups that use probabilities to introduce some variation in the way conditions are applied to big particle groups.

Scene files – here. They are Max2013 and TP5 – I know that’s not a very popular setup yet, but they are quite simple scenes anyway 🙂

Thinking Particles live blackbox collection

I thought it would be way cool to share my cloud stored TP blackbox collection. You can get it here:

I started doing that recently – changing computers, I was losing a lot of the blackboxes I had made, so it’s a good thing to keep them in the cloud, and much easier to share them with you guys! My philosophy in using blackboxes is to use simple and small ones, as building blocks. So you won’t find undecipherable monsters there, it’s all small, clean and simple, I hope – and very useful.

It’s not cleaned up and organized, and it will probably be in constant flux – it is a live collection, not a carefully curated archive. Make the best of it 🙂

My Krakatoa 2 review is published in

You can head over to to read my review of Krakatoa 2!

Naiad/Max scene files

Some of you asked for these, so – you can get the package here:

And, if you need to register at Dropbox, use this link – both of us get more space:

Max203 – Earthquakey breaking ground course on FXPhD announced!

The April term on FXPhD got announced today- check out the details here:​apr12-owe

My part in this will be MAX203 – 3DS Max Destruction Techniques: a breaking-ground shot, earthquake type – something you’d find in an apocalyptic scenario movie! More info after the break.

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