Comprehensive introduction to Thinking Particles DVD, teaser 03

One more teaser 🙂


Coming soon at Eat3D!

For the Facebook people:

Another teaser ;)


People from Facebook, to see the video click here.

As always, self-respecting viewers go for HD 🙂

A teaser for the upcoming DVD

Check that out, guys:


How to do that and MUCH more – on my DVD 😉

Thinking Particles tutorial DVD currently in production

As you’re noticing, not too many posts recently. And that’s for the best – I am now in the production of a training DVD for Thinking Particles! I think it’s coming up cool and lots of you guys would enjoy it. Now back to work. And don’t forget to see ‘2012’ next week! Anybody that wants to go with me and party – there will be plenty of champagne in the ‘Arena Mladost’ movie theater, 21h on Friday, the 13th of November!

Fortress crash WIP06

Most of the primary rigid body animation is now done.

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