Back on track

So the jolly summer times are coming to a close, and I’m getting back to work! The first thing is gonna be the complete scene to finish the last Rayfire course. I have that modeled/shaded/lit basically, as you can see:


Other than that, I stumbled upon a great terrain generation tool – GeoControl2 – . It is rather unique in its approach, and delivers great results:

mountains with valleys

But since it’s strictly a terrain generator, you need to sent the heightmaps/selections to something like Vue to finish the job, and I’ve

HDRI photos? Yes I do!

Who knew that HDRI photo thing was so much fun! Check out these babies!

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Blog redesign

Quite obviously, this place is redesigned, should look and work better now. I’m taking suggestions for a good hosting company 🙂

2012 trailer is out and I have a shot in it!

In a totally awesome news:

2012 trailer is out! Definitely watch it HD!

The shot with the car juming from the airplane, from the side – that’s mine!!! Party timeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Back home!

So my part in ‘2012’ is done, and I am really enjoying my time off! Will take a breather for a few days, but then I’m back – I will make a lot of tuts, so if you have any requests – fire out 😉

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