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Gun and sparks tools for Thinking Particles

A couple of tools that allow for creation of bullets/lasers and sparks. Sparks are generated on impact with geometry. The blackbox can easily be modified to shoot sparks triggered by something else – feel free to use and customize it. The controls are elaborate without being too crowded, you can really craft sparks with that tool. Read more

Dark UI scheme for Thinking Particles again, but now it works

I spotted some time ago that my post about creating a dark UI theme for TP had the wrong instructions, hence it won’t work.

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Bangsculpt – explosion/splash/bang sculpting Thinking Particles tool

And now, to a cool development – I’ve finished Bangsculpt, my tool for sculpting of explosions/bangs/splashes with two curves (angle and radial distribution )and a few other parameters. It’s very cool, check it out!

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Dark UI color scheme for Thinking Particles

Noticing that there is no such thing out there already, I made a dark UI scheme for Thinking Particles – much easier on the eyes and fits a dark Max theme too. Read more

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