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Now at Pixomondo Berlin!

I started work for Pixomondo Berlin, from the begining of February! I am very busy now and I will be updating less often, but I will 🙂 Stay tuned, there is so much cool stuff happening on the horizon.

TP: Ease into orbit using reference and bringto :)

Hi guys, I needed a gradual ease into orbit, and it turned out easy and nice at the end:


The trick is to create a copy of your particles (not renderable), reference them to the original ones, then orbit the copy and, in the right moment, use bringto with the referenced data to bring the parent particles to the child ones. Another cool day at TP land!

Daily sculpt – marble demon

I got hooked on this digital sculpting thing in mudbox, so I’ll be uploading some stuff from time to time, hopefully daily. This one is a marble demon!

Split amount with Thinking Particles – elaboration

Prompted by Andrew Melnychuk , i elaborated on the split amount scene – it now splits between multiple ratios and groups – it normalizes output and on. You can read it here in CGTalk. As usual, anybody interested in the blackbox, drop me a line. Here’s the setup:

My Rayfire tutorials featured on!

Some additional exposure for my Rayfire tutorials at the cool! It’s a very cool free CG video education site – check it out at

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