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Thinking Particles video tutorial – Velocity sculpting

This short tutorial showcases a new method I use for sculpting explosions, streams, etc. Simple and very effective! Scene file can be downloaded here.

Electric arc in Thinking Particles video tutorial

Here’s the video tutorial, in 3 parts.

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3rd DVD announcement, detailed plan for DVD 2

Big news – it’s now clear that just one or two DVDs will not be enough for everything I want to show you, so there’s now gonna be three DVDs full of TP glory!

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Thinking Particles 4, and my 1st of 2 ‘Comprehensive introduction’ DVDs released

And at tthe end, it happened! In the same day as my EUE talk about destruction with TP4, it got released and my DVD with it – how’s that about timing! The announcement from Cebas is here:

And the Eat3D one is here:

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Tesla coil

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