I touched up a bit on the site, customizing my WP theme. Opera’s Dragonfly did a great job helping me identify elements to tweak up their classes in CSS. So, changelog:

  • Styling tweaks – fonts, icons, spacing
  • New social links panel, using the wonderful free icons from Komodomedia
  • Changed the photography widget, now it shows you my last photo albums, and takes you to my Picasa if you wanna see them
  • Added a related posts listing below every post, provided by the cool YARPP (Yet another related posts plugin)
  • Added a social linkup below every post so now you can email, facebook,tweet, digg, redd or whatever crazy land you’re in from my posts, if you happen to find something to your liking

I’m gonna put a photography section up too, just some more cleanup to do on that department.