Only now I manage to get down to writing this, but still – another awesome EUE! Thanks to Joep, Stefan and Michiel first, for organizing such a hearty event, and to everybody else who made it totally kickass! A lot of great presentations. Bobo showed off some new Krakatoa and Frost tricks and features, and the interesting story of how they grew up in all the productions they did through the years. Gonzalo Rueda gave us a crazy ride on how Ilion did their Planet 51, so many crazy stories there 🙂 Yoni Cohen showed some great tools that Snowball VFX publishes to the community, and their work on the voluminous Vipo animated series and the interesting Hakibutizm commercial they did. Bobo’s presentations were kickass of course – general Frost intro for the uninitiated, some interesting stuff coming with Krakatoa 2 and other new stuff from Thinkbox, and a cool history trip on how their tools developed during productions – fascinating! Johan Boekhoven’s view into a cool commercial they did with a big appliance-built robot was interesting for me, being in another part of the biz. There was so much more, it’s almost overwhelming. Made lots of friends, had great times. Subscribed to that place for life!