TP video tutorial – simple setup for breaking-up variation

Another short tut, tricks from the battlefield 🙂 This one shows a simple and effective way to introduce meaningful variation invalues, when you have a lot of particles. Blackboxes can be downloaded here. Cheers!

P.S.: Dedicated to Mr. Mohsen ‘It’s eeeeeeeverywheeeeeere the saaaaaaaame’ Mousavi 😀

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Available for consult work!

Thinking Particles video tutorial – Velocity sculpting

This short tutorial showcases a new method I use for sculpting explosions, streams, etc. Simple and very effective! Scene file can be downloaded here.

Electric arc in Thinking Particles video tutorial

Here’s the video tutorial, in 3 parts.

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Electric arc TP setup

I had the itch to do a point to point electric arc setup for some time, so I woke up extra early this morning and I banged it up!

The result is pretty much what you see in the picture. It shoots an electric arc from point A to point B, with the distortion effect being strongest in the middle, and it does it in one timesample.

You can get the Max 2010, TP4 scene file here, and I will do a video tutorial explaining how it works soon. Cheers!

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