3rd DVD announcement, detailed plan for DVD 2

Big news – it’s now clear that just one or two DVDs will not be enough for everything I want to show you, so there’s now gonna be three DVDs full of TP glory!

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Thinking Particles 4, and my 1st of 2 ‘Comprehensive introduction’ DVDs released

And at tthe end, it happened! In the same day as my EUE talk about destruction with TP4, it got released and my DVD with it – how’s that about timing! The announcement from Cebas is here:


And the Eat3D one is here:


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EUE was a total blast!

The only bad thing is that it’s over! Thanks so much Joep, Michael, Stephan and everybody else! Made lots of new friends, saw a lot of coolness and had more then a few nice beers 🙂 Cheers to the next one!

EUE program posted

The program for the EUE event is online! You can check it out over here. I’m speaking on the 3rd, room 4, at 10:00 and then again at 14:45. My presentation should be quite fun – it’s gonna be about directable, complex workflow in a destruction scenario. Will post a more clear plan when it crystalizes 🙂

Ken Pimentel blogs about EUE 2010

The man says it!


See ya there 😉

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