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EUE program posted

The program for the EUE event is online! You can check it out over here. I’m speaking on the 3rd, room 4, at 10:00 and then again at 14:45. My presentation should be quite fun – it’s gonna be about directable, complex workflow in a destruction scenario. Will post a more clear plan when it crystalizes 🙂

Ken Pimentel blogs about EUE 2010

The man says it!

See ya there 😉

Announced as a speaker at EUE 2010

Joep Van Der Steen, who is organizing the End-user event on 3-4 June in Utrecht, NL in the beginig of June, was kind enough to offer me to speak, and of course I’m going!

Read more interviews Mir about Rayfire

Very cool interview, especially for people who are now getting into Rayfire and have missed the whole history. You can read the article here.

Back to Pixomondo in Berlin

I just landed in Berlin for a new tour of duty in Pixomondo. I’m gonna be quite busy, but I’ll try to keep posting from time to time.

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