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Mirroring Andrew Melnychuk’s Thinking Particles tutorials

Tod Harland uploaded all Andrew Melnychuk’s cool Thinking Particles tutorials over here.

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Opening my IMDB resume

Finally, it’s here:


Changed permalinks style

I know this one is big, and it could kill people’s bookmarks (if there are any), but better sooner then later. I’ve changed the link style, so now it will contain the date and post name, instead of a meaningless number. Better for organization, but also a bigger URL 🙂 Now I see what is for! I hope it will work better for everybody!

A playlist of some recent animation

Due to the temporary lack of an actualized reel, I’ve assembled a playlist of relatively recent animation.

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‘Rigging for FX’ DVD by Joe Gunn out tomorrow

That should be interesting! You can find about the DVD on Joe Gunn’s site here:

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