Comprehensive introduction to Thinking Particles, part 1


Scope and target: Beginner level Thinking Particles training

From “In this DVD Hristo Velev starts from the very beginning by explaining what Thinking Particles actually is and then begins to build upon a solid foundation of theory and technical knowledge of the program. From there Hristo goes through an extensive set of basic concepts to guide you through the massive amount of features in TP4. During that time he creates several practical effects that are very useful in production. After the basic concepts are covered he then goes through creating an entire project from start to finish to help you understand the entire process. With over 9 hours of training this DVD will help you understand Thinking Particles and start creating amazing effects.”

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Comprehensive introduction to Thinking Particles, part 2

Scope and target: Intermediate level Thinking Particles training

From “In this DVD Hristo Velev takes up from Part 1 in this series, to go deeper into the intermediate concepts of Thinking Particles. Everything from Raycasting, Referencing, Motion Inheritance, Generation, Driving Scene Objects, Shape Collision, Fragmentation, Caching, Joints, PhysX Dynamics, Deformation, Displacement, Map-Based Interaction, Particle Interaction, Custom Data Streams, FumeFX Interaction, and more are fully explored in this DVD.
This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn more about Thinking Particles and why many studios are using it in production today.”

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FXPhD MAX202 – Visual Effects Techniques with 3DSMax

The course goes into the techniques used in doing visual effects work with 3DS Max and its plugins – Thinking Particles, Rayfire, and FumeFX. Coming from a feature film production background, the focus is on quality and efficiency. It is a holistic view of the process – from planning, through fragmentation, rigid bodies, particles, fire/smoke, down to management and assembly.


FXPhD MAX203 – 3DS Max Destruction Techniques

In this course, Hristo Velev will introduce you to the rich intricacies of creating a feature film level effects shot, in the challenging scenario of earthquake style ground collapse. We’ll go all the way from planning and sharing experience through detailed multi level rigid body sims, volumetrics, debris secondaries, and to assembling and rendering everything that would make for happy. We’ll employ 3DS Max, Thinking Particles, Rayfire and FumeFX in a process shaped by experience and efficiency.